Snow and Ice Policy

The City of Oelwein Street Department is responsible for providing snow and ice control to Oelwein’s 52 miles of streets. The City does not guarantee that streets will be free of snow and ice after plowing. Bare, dry pavement should not be expected and will not be provided. The City attempts to maintain adequate traction for vehicles property equipped for winter driving conditions.

The City has established priority locations for snow and ice control as follows:

1. Snow Routes
2. All Other Streets
3. Municipal Parking Lots and the Plaza Parking Lot
4. Alleys

The City has also established a “Snow Removal Emergency” policy. Such emergency shall be deemed to exist after an accumulation of three (3) inches or more of snow, or after declaration of a snow removal emergency by the Mayor through a public radio or newspaper announcement. The emergency shall remain in effect for 24 hours unless lengthened or shortened by another mayor declaration through the medial.

Parking on snow routes is prohibited during the emergency and such vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense and vehicle owners shall be subject to fine for illegal parking.

Residents are reminded the City has established alternate side parking during a snow removal emergency. Parking is not allowed on the side of a street or avenue with even house number on even numbered days. The same is true of odd numbered houses and day.

Residents are also reminded city code prohibits depositing on streets, alleys, or any public property any accumulation of snow removed from private property. Violators are subject to penalty.

As one last reminder, citizens are obligated to remove snow and ice accumulations from walks within 24 hours of a storm. If not done the City could give 24 hours notice and then clear the walk. Owners will be billed $150 per hour with a $150 minimum charge. Please remember no motorized vehicles are allowed on the downtown sidewalks.

With your cooperation we can make winter travel a much more bearable experience.

History of Oelwein

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