5:00 P.M. Planning, Finance, Enterprise and Economic Development
5:30 P.M. Public Safety Committee

Oelwein City Council Monday, March 25, 2019
Oelwein, Iowa 6:00 P.M.

1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. Call to Order

3. Roll Call
Peggy Sherrets
Lou Ann Milks Matt Derifield
Matt Weber Warren Fisk
Renee Cantrell Darin Christensen

4. Additions or Deletions

5. National Service Recognition Day Proclamation

6. Citizens

7. Consent Agenda

A. Motion approving March 11, 2019 regular council minutes
B. Claims Resolution in the amount of $450,224.95
C. Consideration of a Class ‘C’ Beer Permit and Sunday Sales renewal for Kwik Star #665
D. Consideration of a Class ‘E’ Liquor License and Sunday Sales Renewal for Pirillo Beverage
E. Consideration of Pay Request No. 10 to Portzen Construction in the amount of $29,230.40 for work completed on Disinfection and 42 Well Improvements Project
F. Consideration of a request from Pony Express Riders of Iowa to collect funds for Camp Sunnyside at the intersection of Frederick and Charles, Friday, April 19, 2019 from 8:30 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.

8. Consideration of a motion authorizing purchase and installation of Dog Park fencing in the amount of $17,996.29 with Miller Fence and Flag Co.

9. Consideration of a Resolution establishing Salaries for Fiscal Year 2019-2020

10. Consideration of a recommendation from Planning, Finance, Enterprise and Economic Development Committee re:
a. Hotel/Motel Funding Application from the Williams Center for the Arts
b. Hotel/Motel Funding Application from Fayette Co. Ag Society
c. Demolition Assistance Application from Tim Reed (NMK Rentals) for 313 1st Avenue SE
d. Demolition Assistance Application from James Ralls for 1128 South Frederick
e. Demolition Assistance Application from Chris Luckeroth for 17 4th Avenue NE

11. Report from Weber on Public Safety Committee meeting

12. Report from Christensen on March Library Board meeting

13. Report from Cantrell on March Park and Recreation Commission meeting

14. Report from Derifield on March Airport Board meeting

15. Mayor’s Report

16. City Attorney’s Report

17. City Administrator’s Report

18. Old Business

19. New business

20. Adjournment

A Work Session on the Snow Policy will follow the regular meeting

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