5:30 P.M. Public Safety Committee Vicious Animal Hearing

Oelwein City Council Monday, September 23, 2019
Oelwein, Iowa 6:00 P.M.

1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. Call to Order

3. Roll Call
Peggy Sherrets
Matt Derifield Lou Ann Milks
Warren Fisk Matt Weber
Darin Christensen Renee Cantrell

4. Additions or Deletions

5. Citizens

6. Consent Agenda

A. Motion approving September 9, 2019 regular council minutes
B. Claims Resolution in the amount of $326,220.96
C. Consideration of a Class ‘C’ Liquor License and Sunday Sales renewal for American Legion Ross Reid Post #9
D. Consideration of an ownership update for Casey’s General Store #2682
E. Consideration of a Class ‘E’ Liquor and Class ‘B’ Wine Permit renewal for Casey’s General Store #2682
F. Consideration of a Class ‘E’ Liquor License Refund for Oelwein Bottle and Can
G. Consideration of a motion adjusting the part time police officer wage

7. Public Hearing on Community Development Block Grant Water/Sewer Application

8. Consideration of a motion approving City of Oelwein, Iowa Community Development and Housing Needs Assessment

9. Consideration of a Resolution of the City Council of Oelwein, Iowa authorizing the submission of a CDBG Water/Sewer application to the Iowa Economic Development Authority

10. Diana Johnson, Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission update on services provided

11. Public Hearing on General Obligation Loan Agreement in an amount not to exceed $150,000

12. Consideration of a Resolution expressing intent to enter into a General Obligation Loan Agreement

13. Consideration of a Resolution Opposing an Alliant Energy Rate Increase and Anti-Netmetering Legislation

14. Consideration of a Resolution adopting Iowa Department of Transportation City Street Financial Report

15. Report from Christensen on September Library Board meeting

16. Report from Fisk on September Housing Committee meeting

17. Mayor’s Report

A. Board and Commission Openings

B. Consideration of the appointment of Captain Voshell to the 911 Service Board and Lt. Niedert as
alternate and the appointment of Chief Logan as PSAP Representative and Officer Schmelzer as

18. City Attorney’s Report

19. City Administrator’s Report

20. Council Updates

21. Consideration of a motion to go into Executive Session per Iowa Code Section 21.5(1)(g) to avoid disclosure of specific law enforcement matters, such as current or proposed investigations or inspection or auditing techniques or schedules, which if disclosed would enable law violators to avoid detection

22. Consideration of a motion to return to Regular Session

23. Adjournment

At 7:00 P.M. the City Council will meet at the Oelwein Community Plaza at 25 West Charles for a public meeting on Wings East Street Assessments

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