Special Meeting

July 16, 2012

The Oelwein City Council met in special session Monday, July 16, 2012.  Mayor Murphy called the meeting to order at 5:20 P.M.

Roll Call                      PRESENT:  Petersen, Ericson, Bearinger, Sherrets, Ryan, Stickel

ABSENT:    None


Sports Complex           Oelwein Community School Superintendent Steve Westerberg presented a

Improvements              a Power Point presentation explaining proposals for construction of a softball diamond at the Sports Complex.

VanVeldhuizen            City Attorney Ron VanVeldhuizen arrived at 5:27 P.M.


Recess/Reconvene       The City Council recessed at 5:40 P.M. and reconvened at 6:25 P.M.

Institute of Public        A motion was made by Petersen, seconded by Bearinger to approve an

Affairs Agreement       agreement with the Iowa Institute of Public Affairs to facilitate small group meetings.  All voted aye.

Motion Carried

Donaldson’s Roof       Proposals to repair a portion of the roof on the former Donaldson’s building

Repair                          were received as follows:

Moss Roofing, West union

White 45 mil TPO        $101,933.00

White 60 mil TPO        $108,367.00

Lynch Roofing, Manchester

White 45 mil TPO        $104,000.00

Black 60 mil EPDM     $122,652.00

White 60 mil TPO        $111,000.00

Allen Roofing, Monona

White Duro-Last TPO  $136,450.00

All proposals included a 15 year warranty.

A motion was made by Petersen, seconded by Sherrets to accept the low proposal from Moss Roofing, West Union in the amount of $101,933.00.  All voted aye.

Motion Carried

Railroad Demolition    A motion was made by Ryan, seconded by Petersen to authorizing City crews

Bricks                          to move demolition debris from Bill Mundt’s property at 405 Mulford Drive to Railroad Museum property.  All voted aye.

Motion Carried

Mundt is to clean and palletize the bricks.

ICN Network               A motion was made by Sherrets, seconded by Stickel authorizing the Mayor’s signature on a letter of commitment with the Iowa Department of Public Safety for Iowa Communications Network.  All voted aye.

Motion Carried

Sports Complex           A motion was made by Stickel, seconded by Ryan to approve the

Improvements              Oelwein Community Schools plan to construct a softball field diamond on the soccer fields west of the concession stands at the Sports Complex as recommended by the Parks and Recreation Commission.  All voted aye.

Motion Carried


Local Option Sales       Council was reminded August 29, 2012 is the deadline to place the

Tax                              Local Option Sales Tax renewal on the November ballot.  Murphy suggested Economic Development, Property Tax Relief and Aquatic Center upgrades as possible uses for the funds.

Italian Heritage Days   A  motion was made by Ericson, seconded by Bearinger to approve a request

Fundraiser                    from the Italian Heritage Days Committee for a bean bag and bocci ball tournament and band on July 28, 2012 as a fundraiser for their annual celebration.  The Park and Recreation Commission had recommended approval.  All voted aye.

Motion Carried

Adjourn                       A motion was made by Bearinger, seconded by Ericson to adjourn at 6:45 P.M.  All voted aye.

Motion Carried






I, Steven H. Kendall, City Administrator in and for the City of Oelwein, Iowa do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true accounting of the Council Proceedings held July 16, 2012 and copy of said proceedings was furnished to the Register July 19, 2012.



A Work Session with the Park and Recreation Commission followed the special meeting.

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