September 8, 2014

The Oelwein City Council met in regular session Monday, September 8, 2014. Mayor Pro Tem Sherrets called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M.

Roll Call PRESENT: Sherrets, Cantrell, Weber, Ryan, Stickel, Petersen (speaker phone)
ALSO PRESENT: Letzring, Rigdon, VanVeldhuizen

Adopt Agenda A motion was made by Weber, seconded by Ryan to adopt the agenda as amended. All voted aye.
Motion Carried

Proclamation Mayor Pro Tem Sherrets declared September 2014 as “Life Insurance Awareness Month” by presenting a proclamation to three local insurance representatives Matt Vogel, Vogel Insurance Agency; Neil Wilkinson, Financial Decisions Group; and Dave Derflinger, Farm Bureau Financial Services.

Consent Agenda A motion was made by Petersen, seconded by Ryan to adopt the following Consent Agenda items:
A. Minutes of the August 25, 2014 regular meeting with a correction on Fayette Co. Local Housing Trust motion seconded by Weber.
B. Minutes of the August 28, 2014 special meeting.
C. Minutes of the September 4, 2014 special meeting with correction on Special Election by Resolution #4808 with roll call vote of:
Ayes: Petersen, Sherrets, Cantrell, Ryan, Stickel
Nays: None
Motion Carried
D. Request from Oelwein High School Student Council for 2014 Homecoming Parade on Friday, September 26, 2014 at 1:30 P.M.
All voted aye. (Weber abstained on C, absent)
Motion Carried

Fall Clean Up A motion was made by Petersen, seconded by Stickel to follow the same clean up procedures as the Spring 2014 Cleanup Day with the exception of collecting $15.00 for televisions and $25.00 for tractor tires to help offset the recycling cost. All voted aye.
Motion Carried

Mayor Pro Tem A motion was made by Weber, seconded by Cantrell to follow City Code
Compensation Article II, Section 3-34 paying Mayor Pro Tem effective August 22, 2014 the Mayor’s Salary since she has spent more than 15 days acting as Mayor Pro Tem. 5 voted aye, 1 (Sherrets) abstained.
Motion Carried

Set Public Hearing A motion was made by Petersen, seconded by Weber to table a Resolution
Date Tabled to Set Public Hearing on Proposed Reclassification of Real Estate Located North of and Abutting Old Road Oelwein, Iowa from R-1 Residential to C-2 Commercial or I-2 Industrial. All voted aye.
Motion Carried

1030 10th Street SE City Attorney VanVeldhuizen explained to Council the variance for property at 1030 10th Street SE does not comply and suggested the Board of Adjustment conduct a findings of fact for their decision.

A motion was made by Petersen, seconded by Ryan to remand to the Board of Adjustment for further study its grant of variance for property at 1030 10th Street SE and delay effective date of said variance. All voted aye.
Motion Carried


Resolution #4809 A motion was made by Ryan, seconded by Stickel to adopt Resolution No.
Schulz’s 2nd Addition 4809 to Accept the Sanitary Sewer Improvements, Water Main and Associated Easements in Schulz’s Second Addition to 2005, Oelwein, Fayette County, Iowa pending 1) all easements should be equal and 2) televised sewer line meets city standards approval of Utility Superintendent.
Ayes: Sherrets, Cantrell, Ryan, Stickel, Petersen
Nays: None
Abstain: Weber
Motion Carried

Plaza Meeting Ryan reported on the September Plaza Board meeting.

Airport Land City Attorney VanVeldhuizen informed Council the Airport Land Tenant terminated his lease expiring February 28, 2015.

Squad Car City Administrator Letzring reported Police Chief Logan negotiated a trade with Birdnow Motors consisting of Federal Lein Grant vehicles acquired through the grant for a new 2014 Interceptor Utility for $175.00 to be paid from Forfeited Assets. Also generator repairs at Wastewater Treatment Plant are underway, a new DNR permit will be made available soon and Utility Superintendent Vic Kane will assist with a work session presentation for Council on upcoming utility projects.

Airport Board Airport Liaison Stickel inquired about appointments for the Airport Board
Vacancy opening. Attorney VanVeldhuizen recommended appointments be made after the October 7th Mayor election.

Sports Complex Ryan reported some of the Turface at the Sports Complex diamonds has
Ball Diamonds washed away. Cantrell, Park and Rec Liaison will take photos and discuss at next Park and Rec meeting.

Citizen John Hintz reported a hazardous situation to Council. Trucks parking near the fire hydrant by Oelwein Glass causes a blind spot near the viaduct area. Letzring stated it would be listed on the next agenda to refer to Public Safety Committee.

Adjourn A motion was made by Weber, seconded by Stickel to adjourn at 7:00 P.M. All voted aye.
Motion Carried




I, Jamie Letzring, City Administrator in and for the City of Oelwein, Iowa do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true accounting of the Council Proceedings held September 8, 2014 and copy of said proceedings was furnished to the Register September 10, 2014.


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