October 27, 2014

The Oelwein City Council met in regular session Monday, October 27, 2014. Mayor Sherrets called the meeting to order at 6:01 P.M.

Roll Call PRESENT: Cantrell, Weber, Ryan, Stickel, Petersen
ALSO PRESENT: Letzring, Wedemeier, VanVeldhuizen

Agenda A motion was made by Weber, seconded by Stickel to adopt the agenda as amended.
Motion Carried

Resolution No 4813 A motion was made by Stickel, seconded by Cantrell to adopt Resolution No. 4813 filling the vacancy in the office of 1st ward council person by appointment.
Ayes: Cantrell, Weber, Ryan, Stickel, Petersen
Nays: None
Motion Carried

Oath of Office Mayor Sherrets administered the Oath of Office to Ted Malget to fill the vacancy in the 1st Ward.

Citizens Pastor Leo Combs Lay and Bob Miehe presented the council a check from the
Pastor Leo Combs Lay congregation at Zion Lutheran Church for damages sustained at the Oakdale
Bob Miehe Cemetery in amount of $250.00.

Letzring informed the Council the City has also received a $500.00 donation from the Oelwein family from Germany.

Consent Agenda A motion was made by Weber, seconded by Cantrell to approve the following
Consent Agenda items:

A. Minutes of the October 13, 2014 regular council meeting.
B. Claims resolution.
C. Signatures on the Grant Writing Agreement with UERPC for CDBG Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation in the amount of $2,500.

All voted aye.
Motion Carried

Public Hearing Mayor Sherrets opened the Public Hearing for the CDBG application for the Owner Occupied Rehabilitation.

Steve Brenne from Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission explained the Community Development Block Grant is in the amount of $390,000 to rehab ten homes with a City match of $1,500 per home totaling $15,000.

Mr. Brenne reviewed the proposed application covering the 9 points as follows:

(a) How the need for the proposed activity or projects were identified.
The need for the owner-occupied housing with the Iowa Economic Development Authority came from several public meetings held by the city council members. Oelwein’s aging housing stock is a real concern for the city to promote business development and economic growth. An LMI survey was not needed per existing LMI eligibility requirements from the 2010 US Census which indicated an LMI of 54.94% for Oelwein households. This further substantiated the need for owner occupied housing and those 54.94% would benefit from the assistance of the CDBG funds to improve these homes.

An application process is also being completed with 11 homes completing full applications to date.

(b) How the proposed activity or projects will be funded and the sources of funds
The proposed activity will be funded with $25,000 of local match or $1,500 per home from the City of Oelwein and $1,000 per home from the Northeast Iowa Charitable Foundation for the owner-occupied program for ten (10) homes.

(c) The date the Housing Fund applications will be submitted
The Housing Fund Owner-Occupied applications will be submitted on or before December 8, 2014 to the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA).

(d) Requested amount of federal funds (Housing Fund)
The requested amount is $381,500 for the Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program.

(e) Estimated portion of federal funds that will benefit persons of low and moderate income
The City has proposed assisting ten (10) LMI households with rehabilitation of their homes. The intent is to target those living in homes considered to be in deteriorated condition. In looking at the 2014 LMI survey that was completed, 54.94% of Oelwein residents are considered low to moderate income persons, it is expected that these funds will benefit ten(10) homes of that 54.94% population.

(f) where the proposed activity or project will be conducted
The projects will be located within the phase 1 target area located within the city limits of Oelwein. This area has been defined as:
The Northern Boundary is defined as 3rd St NE between 8th Ave NE and N. Fredrick Avenue.
The Eastern Boundary is defined as 8th Ave NE between Wing Park and E. Charles Street.
The Southern Boundary is defined as E Charles St between 8th Ave NE and N. Fredrick Avenue.
The Eastern Boundary is defined as N. Fredrick Ave between 3rd St NE and E Charles Street.

(g) plans to minimize displacement of persons and businesses as a result of funded activities or projects
No businesses or persons will be displaced during this process

(h) plans to assist persons actually displaced, and
There are no plans to displace any persons.

(i) The nature of the proposed activity or project.
The nature of the proposed projects within Oelwein is to assist in the rehabilitation of ten (10) existing homes for low to moderate income families. The programs mission is to stimulate Oelwein’s economy one home at a time and this will be the first phase of four.

A motion was made by Petersen, seconded by Stickel to close the public hearing.
Ayes: Cantrell, Weber, Ryan, Stickel, Petersen, Malget
Nays: None
Motion Carried

Resolution No. 4814 A motion was made by Weber, seconded by Ryan to adopt Resolution No. 4814
TIF Annual obligating funds from the Urban Renewal Tax Revenue fund for appropriation to
Appropriation the payment of annual appropriation Tax Increment Financed Obligations which shall some due in the next succeeding fiscal year.
Ayes: Cantrell, Weber, Ryan, Stickel, Petersen, Malget
Nay: None
Motion Carried

312 1 Ave NW A motion was made by Ryan, seconded by Petersen approving bid and
Demolition authorizing signatures on the notice to proceed on the demolition of 312 1 Ave NW to Bryan Construction Co.
All voted Aye.

Motion Carried

300 Block 6th St SW A motion was made by Petersen, seconded by Ryan to approve the request from Anteagroup for temporary closure of the 300 block of 6th St SW for 2-4 weeks.

Airport Meeting Stickel reported there are two vacancies on the airport board. He stated Ken Woodraska has attended a few meetings and would be interested.

Ryan questioned if hangar rent has been increased yet. City Attorney Van Veldhuizen advised council needs to act upon the recommendation that came from the airport board.

Capital Improvement Petersen reported on the Capital Improvement Committee meeting. Petersen
Committee Meeting stated Southlawn Court would like the city to take over the snow removal and the water and sewer services. Petersen stated Street Superintendent advised the streets are not wide enough for the equipment to remove snow in that private roadway. The Utility Superintendent also advised there are different rules for private water and sewer lines and would not meet the requirements for city water and sewer lines without upgrades to the infrastructure by Southlawn Court.

UERPC Board Mtg Ryan reported he and Mayor Sherrets attended the October UERPC board meeting.

Park and Rec Cantrell reported on the October Park and Recreation Meeting. Utility Superintendent submitted an annual report to the Park and Rec Commission and to the City Council. The Rec department had 20 volunteers help replace the Turface on the diamonds and will budget for a rotation of yearly replacement Turface.

Mayor’s Report Mayor Sherrets reported the Fayette County Community Foundations grants are available to apply for on line until November 15, 2014.

Mayor Sherrets recommended the council to appoint Ken Woodraska to the Airport Board and Ted Malget to the Landfill Commission and the Library Board.

Appointments A motion was made by Weber, seconded by Stickel to approve the Mayors recommendation of appointing Ken Woodraska to the Airport board and Ted Malget to the Landfill Commission and Library Board.
All voted aye.
Motion Carried

City Admisitrators City Administrator Letzring reported the leaf picked date has been set to start on Report November 3rd in northeast and northwest quadrants. Upon completion of those
two quadrants collection of leaves will begin in the southeast and southwest

Letzring also reported Wally Rundle will be contacting council members regarding NIMS training.

Nuisance abatement reporting is now reportable on the Oelwein Police Departments website and they are currently working on making online building permit applications available.

Fayette County Weber would like to see someone appointed to the Fayette County Emergency Emergency Mgt. Management Committee.

Adjourn A motion was made by Malget, seconded by Petersen to adjourn at 7:00 P.M. All voted aye.
Motion Carried




I, Jamie Letzring, City Administrator in and for the City of Oelwein, Iowa do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true accounting of the Council Proceedings held October 27, 2014 and copy of said proceedings was furnished to the Register November 3, 2014.


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