January 12, 2015

The Oelwein City Council met in regular session Monday, January 12, 2015. Mayor Sherrets called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M.

Roll Call PRESENT: Weber, Ryan, Stickel, Malget, Cantrell
ABSENT: Petersen
ALSO PRESENT: Letzring, Wedemeier, VanVeldhuizen

Additions or Mayor Sherrets requested new business for Jim Petersen and old business.
Deletions Malget requested an item under new business. Removal of item ‘D’ on consent agenda requested by Mayor Sherrets.

Adopt Agenda A motion was made by Weber, seconded by Stickel to approve the agenda as amended.
Motion Carried

Consent Agenda A motion was made by Stickel, seconded by Cantrell to approve the following
Consent Agenda items:

A. Minutes of the December 22, 2014 regular council meeting.
B. Class ‘B’ Wine & Class ‘C’ Beer & Sunday Sales renewal for Dollar General Corp.
C. Class ‘C’ Liquor/Outdoor Service/Sunday Sales renewal for Clete & Connie’s
D. Class ‘B’ Wine permit renewal for Oelwein Family Pharmacy

All voted aye.
Motion Carried

Pay Request No1 A motion was made by Weber, seconded by Stickel to approve the Pay Estimate
Airport Lighting No 1 to Voltmer, Inc in the amount of $16,792.72 for the Rehabilitate Runway Lighting Airport Project. Letzring informed Council that construction will begin this spring.
Motion Carried

2014 Annual A motion was made by Malget, seconded by Weber to accept the City
Report Administrators 2014 Annual Report.
Motion Carried

Landfill Report Malget reported the meeting was a finance meeting and had nothing to report.

Mayors Report Mayor Sherrets reported to council the committee assignments and requested listing on the next agenda for approval.

Library Construction Mayor Sherrets advised council approval was made on the February 25, 2013
Fund Pledges meeting to pay the negative balance in the Library Fund Pledges Construction Fund with Economic Development (Local Option Sales Tax) funds in the amount of $14,927 and this line item continues to show a negative balance.
City Administrators Letzring reported West Central School District will be purchasing the used Wellness Center Equipment in the amount of $1,500. New equipment will be installed this week.

Inquires have been coming in regarding residents running their water and if the City is forgiving any monies. Letzring advised no frost warning has been issued and those running water will be at their own expense.

Street Shop Furnace Letzring informed council the furnace at the Street has quit working. Superintendant Stewart was able to get a new furnace from NAEIR and a local contractor will install.


Jim Petersen Mayor Sherrets informed council Jim Petersen has sent in his resignation letter.
Resignation Petersen sited health reasons as his motive for resigning.

City Attorney advised council on possible options to fill the vacancy.

Nuisance Abatement Malget requested update on nuisance abatement procedures. Chief Logan gave a brief overview of how abatement issues are handled in his department. 191 nuisance abatements were issued last year though Code Enforcement and
Officers, an increase over the previous year’s 152.

Recycling Mayor Sherrets would like to discuss Recycling at the next council meeting.

Adjourn A motion was made by Cantrell, seconded by Malget to adjourn into a budget work session. All voted aye.
Motion Carried




I, Jamie Letzring, City Administrator in and for the City of Oelwein, Iowa do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true accounting of the Council Proceedings held January 12, 2015 and copy of said proceedings was furnished to the Register January 14, 2015.


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