January 26, 2015

The Oelwein City Council met in regular session Monday, January 26, 2015. Mayor Sherrets called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M.

Roll Call PRESENT: Weber, Ryan, Stickel, Malget, Cantrell
ALSO PRESENT: Letzring, Rigdon, VanVeldhuizen

Adopt Agenda A motion was made by Malget, seconded by Stickel to adopt the agenda as is. All voted aye.
Motion Carried

David Boss, NE David Boss, Community Outreach and Development Director from
Iowa Community Northeast Iowa Community Action informed council they are looking
Action for office space and are interested in the old Police facility. They currently maintain two Family Services offices in Fayette County. They will need a waiting room and four office spaces. Northeast Iowa Community Action would pay to remodel the old police facility. He requested to discuss a proposed lease with the City. They have a July 1st move date.

John Walker John Walker, 6 ½ South Frederick, Apt. #3 expressed interest to council of his intent to run for 3rd Ward Councilman. He asked council to vote for a special election and not an appointment.

Scott Sielman Scott Sielman, 102 8th Avenue NW requested more salt be put on West Charles coming from the west under the viaduct.

Jake Blitsch Jake Blitsch, 720 8th Avenue NE requested council the 3rd Ward position by appointment and not ask for a special election again. Mayor Sherrets was voted in and that was the appointment the council would have made. It also cost the city several thousand dollars. The people voted her in and trust her ability to appointment the right person, he also commented that Lou Ann Milks is a very positive Oelwein person.

Just because one person indicated he wants to be appointed and if you don’t appoint him he’s going to hold you hostage to have a special election, borders on bullying and requested that the council not submit to that.

Consent Agenda A motion was made by Ryan, seconded by Weber to approve the following
Consent Agenda items:

A. Minutes of the January 12, 2015 regular council meeting.
B. Minutes of the January 19, 2015 special council meeting
C. Claims Resolution in the amount of $432,823.63

All voted aye.
Motion Carried

Resolution #4823 A motion was made by Weber, seconded by Cantrell to adopt Resolution
Filling 3rd Ward No. 4823 Filling the Vacancy in the Office of Third Ward Council
Vacancy by Appt. Person by Appointment.
Ayes: Weber, Ryan, Stickel, Malget, Cantrell
Nays: None
Motion Carried

Oath of Office Mayor Sherrets administered the Oath of Office to 3rd Ward Council Lou Ann Milks.

Lori Brockway Lori Brockway from Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission
FCLHTF updated council on Fayette Co. Local Housing Trust Fund and 1st Time Home Buyers program. She thanked the City for their continued support in these two programs. She also requested support for the next FCLHTF application of $15,000 as local match. Since 2010 the Housing Trust has spent $391,834, improving 94 homes in Fayette County with 58 of the homes in Oelwein totaling $301,219.

1st Time Home Buyer The First Time Home Buyer Program provides up to $24,999 in down payment assistance and/or rehab assistance to 1st time home buyers in Oelwein. They need applicants for this program. All of Oelwein’s housing programs are administered by UERPC. For more information call Lori Brockway at (563) 864-7551.

Oelwein Celebrations Teresa Loban representing Oelwein Celebrations, Inc. thanked City Council for their continued support. She is requesting $3,500 donation to help pay for the $10,000 cost of fireworks for the June 6, 2015 celebration.

Letzring stated this is a standing appropriation from the city’s Hotel/Motel tax through tourism funding.

Airport Board Mtg. Stickel reported on the January Airport Board meeting. Construction on the runway lighting project is scheduled to begin once the frost is out of the ground. The airport shop needs to be painted.

UERPC Housing Mtg. Ryan reported on the UERPC Housing Authority meeting.

UERPC Board Mtg. Ryan reported on the Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission Board meeting. Two officers were appointed. Ryan and Sherrets both attended two hours of board training.

Feasibility Study A motion was made by Malget, seconded by Ryan to table engaging with engineers on a feasibility study for potential housing development. All voted aye.
Motion Carried

Recycling Sherrets said the Landfill does not track usage so it is hard for Oelwein to determine if citizens are participating in recycling and how the program is working. She will contact the haulers for this information.

Williams Wellness Williams Wellness Center is having an open house Wednesday,
Center February 4th from 5:00 – 7:00 P.M.

Adjourn A motion was made by Milks, seconded by Stickel to adjourn at 6:45 P.M. All voted aye.
Motion Carried



I, Jamie Letzring, City Administrator in and for the City of Oelwein, Iowa do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true accounting of the Council Proceedings held January 26, 2015 and copy of said proceedings was furnished to the Register January 28, 2015.


The Council met in a Budget Work Session following the meeting.

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