April 11, 2011                                                  

                                    The Oelwein City Council met in regular session Monday, April 11, 2011 at 7:00 P.M.  Mayor Murphy called the meeting to order.

Roll Call                      PRESENT:  Stickel, Lein, Ericson, Brandt, Ryan

                                    ABSENT:    None

                                    VACANCY: One (1)

                                    ALSO PRESENT:  Kendall, Rigdon

Adopt Agenda             A motion was made by Lein, seconded by Ryan to adopt the Agenda as amended.  All voted aye.

                                                                                                Motion Carried

Consent Agenda          A motion was made by Brandt, seconded by Stickel to approve the following Consent Agenda items:

                                    A.  Minutes of the March 28, 2011 regular meeting with the following

                                          correction – Resolution #4645 Roll Call Vote: “Sims” should be “Stickel”.

                                    B.  Request from Pony Express Riders of Iowa to collect funds at the

                                          intersection of Frederick and Charles April 22, 2011 from

                                          8:30 to 11:00 A.M.

                                    C.  Class ‘C’ Beer and Sunday Sales Renewal for Oelwein Auto Plus.

                                    All voted aye.
                                                                        Motion Carried

Public Hearing             Murphy opened the Public Hearing on Filling Vacancy on Council.  No

Council Vacancy         candidate has been selected for appointment.  He suggested a Council work session prior to the April 25, 2011 Council meeting.  Interested candidates would submit resumes for prior review. 

                                    A motion was made by Ericson, seconded by Lein to close the Public Hearing.

                                    Ayes:  Stickel, Lein, Ericson, Brandt, Ryan

                                    Nays:  None

                                                                                                Motion Carried

Resolution to Fill         A motion was made by Ericson, seconded by Ryan to table filling the

Vacancy                      vacancy until April 25th and interview candidates.

                                    Interested candidates should submit resumes for review prior to interviews.

                                    Ryan proposed gender balance be considered.

                                    Brandt, Stickel and Lein spoke in favor of interviews.

Airport Land Lease      Larry Lundry introduced Kyle and Melody Rich of Crop Care by Air to the Council.  He complimented them for having their pilots fly around the City.

                                    Kyle Rich explained his proposal which included an office, well, septic and loading facility with containment.  He has a meeting scheduled with the County Sanitarian to review the well and septic.

                                    Council questions involved the legal mechanics needed to allow this to go forward.

                                    A motion was made by Ericson, seconded by Ryan to direct the City Attorney to prepare necessary legal papers and negotiate the proposed land lease with Crop Care by Air for the April 25th meeting.  All voted aye.

                                                                                                Motion Carried


Union Pacific               Jim Halverson, Howard R. Green presented an alternate funding/service

Railroad National         opportunity benefiting the existing renewable energy study for the former

Renewable Energy       railroad site.

                                    Some of the $120,000 current railroad yard study budget would be utilized to prepare an application to the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s program that could provide technical resources to evaluate the feasibility of placing renewable energy technologies on former brownfield sites.

                                    A motion was made by Stickel, seconded by Lein to authorize Howard R. Green to apply for National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Program assistance utilizing part of the existing $120,000 budget.  All voted aye.

                                                                                                Motion Carried

Public Safety/Street      A motion was made by Brandt, seconded by Ryan to approve the April 7th 

Meeting                        Public Safety/Streets Committee recommendations which include:

Harlan School              – To leave 2nd Avenue NW & 6th Street NW as designated snow routes and

Area Roads                    eliminate 4th & 5th Avenue NW.


                                    – To leave the 4-way stop signs at 4th & 5th Street on 2nd Avenue NW.

8th Ave/E Charles         – To keep the traffic signal at 8th Avenue and East Charles.

Traffic Signal

Outer Road Signs         – To deny a stop sign request southbound on Outer Road NE at 1st Street.   

                                      The three additional stop signs requested are in the County.

Outer Road Sealcoat    – Tabled a request to sealcoat Outer Road NE from Charles to 6th Street until

                                       after a joint meeting with the Fayette County Board of Supervisors.

5th St NE E of 8th Ave  – Deny a request to vacate and sell 5th Street NE east of 8th Avenue.

Handicap Sign             – Deny a request for a handicap parking sign in front of 106 4th Street NW.

Library Lot                  – Approve sanding the Library parking lot at same time City Hall lot is sanded    

                                       if the lot has been plowed.  Maintain present snow removal policy/denying

                                       Library’s request to change priorities.

Police Dept.                 – Endorse recommendation that Council proceed expeditiously in resolving

                                      the Oelwein Police Department facility problem.

                                    All voted aye.

                                                                                                Motion Carried

E Charles 3-Lane         Kendall informed Council the Iowa Department of Transportation had requested a letter of support for their application for Traffic Safety Funds to change East Charles Street from a 4-lane to 3-lane highway.  On November 29, 2010 Council had previously endorsed this proposal.  There were no objections to sending a letter of endorsement.

Street Pickup                Street Superintendent Tom Stewart presented two bids for the purchase of a 2011 4 wheel drive pickup truck:

                                                $22,393.00      Birdnow Motor

                                                $22,216.00      State Bid

                                    A motion was made by Ericson, seconded by Ryan to accept the local bid from Birdnow Motors in the amount of $22,393.  All voted aye.

                                                                                                Motion Carried


Planning, Finance,       A motion was made by Lein, seconded by Ericson to award OCAD $800.00

Enterprise and              for Oelwein tourism promotion from Hotel/Motel tax; defer two demolition

Econ. Development     funding requests, one for 116 1st Avenue SE and the other for 35 12th

Meeting                        Avenue NW until after July 1st to review whether funds are available; and to approve the City entering into an agreement with the Department of Administrative Services Income Offset Program to collect unpaid debt owed to the City through State tax refunds and gambling proceeds.  All voted aye.

                                                                                                Motion Carried

UERPC Meeting           Brandt and Ryan reported on the March UERPC meeting.  Remodeling bids for the new Decorah location were reviewed.  Iowa Workforce signed a 5-year renewable lease for space in the building, but can be released from their commitment if their Decorah office closed.

Code Review Mtg.       Lein reviewed the April 5th Code Committee recommendations.  A motion was made by Lein, seconded by Ericson to adopt the Code Committee recommendations on temporary signs, canvas garages, and small wind turbines and have the City Attorney prepare the necessary paperwork.  All voted aye.

                                                                                                Motion Carried

Hazard Mitigation        Brandt reported on the April 8th Hazard Mitigation meeting.  He and

Meeting                        Kendall attended a lengthy presentation given by UERPC staff.  By the conclusion of the three hour meeting eighteen proposals were prioritized.

Fayette Co. Tourism    Brandt reported on the Fayette County Tourism meeting.  Geocaching at Klock’s Island will be held on June 11th.  A Mystery Tour will be in September covering southern Fayette County.  Barn quilt tour maps are available at the Chamber.

Sidewalk Inspection     Kendall explained the City’s sidewalk inspection program.  It is the same as previously.  Only the near downtown area is being done at this time.  Letters will be sent to affected property owners.  There is a built-in appeal process. 

                                    Murphy proposed the Planning, Finance, Enterprise and Economic Development Committee discuss cost, timing, etc.

Committee                   Murphy suggested making temporary appointments to fill Committee

Appointments              assignments until such time as Jensen is replaced.

                                    A motion was made by Ryan, seconded by Ericson to approve the Mayor’s temporary committee assignments as follows:

                                    Stickel – Planning, Finance, Enterprise and Economic Development

                                    Ericson – Public Safety/Streets

                                    Ryan – Wellness Center, Community Development and Recreation

                                    Ericson – Park and Recreation Liaison

                                    All voted aye.

Water Project               Kendall reported the water project contractors had returned for Spring work.

Business After 5          Business after 5 is scheduled for April 20th at Irvine Water Conditioning and Plumbing.

NEIRL                         NEIRL will meet in Oelwein on May 31st to discuss “Special Elections” and “Open Meetings”.

Library Meeting           Ryan mentioned he did not attend the latest Library meeting.  The minutes however were in the packets.


Proclamation                Ryan requested a proclamation be prepared for the April 25th meeting

Library 100th                recognizing the Oelwein Library’s 100th Anniversary.


Viaduct                        A citizen purported to Ryan that in the viaduct the cement is crumbling and water leaking more than normal.

Adjourn                       A motion was made by Ericson, seconded by Stickel to adjourn at 8:40 P.M.  All voted aye.

                                                                                                Motion Carried


                                                                                LARRY MURPHY, MAYOR



                                    STEVEN H. KENDALL, CITY ADMINISTRATOR

                                    I, Steven H. Kendall, City Administrator in and for the City of Oelwein, Iowa do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true accounting of the Council Proceedings held April 11, 2011 and copy of said proceedings was furnished the Register April 14, 2011.


                                    STEVEN H. KENDALL, CITY ADMINISTRATOR

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